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Press Release 1


[Date], 2023

Media Contact:

[Name], [partner email]

[optional-phone number]

Main Headline in Larger, Bold Capitalized Words on 1 Single Deck

Sub-head on slightly smaller, Italicized – and centered – lettering that uses “normal” rules for punctuation; can be on more than one headline deck, if need be.

Different parts of the PR are in different text boxes to enable flexibility in mobile editing.

([Location], Mont.) – Xfajldjfa;dkja;lfja;djfaljdf;a. Short, punchy introductory paragraph that tells your audience what the press release is announcing and sets the table for the rest of the release. Who, what, when, where, why-type stuff. Aajhf adfnkajf asdkfnadfa sd.


Xfasiuas asdoao adoadp asdf. More explanation in the second paragraph. Sometimes includes hyperlinks to related material. is a thing. Sfa f afjad;f aff adf . fad;fjal;jda iupuadf afarea. Fgafgadfafa agaga.

“Bold-lettered quote block. Sfa;jfa aoupf adfpao adfjap. Ad;kjxbjz;a afkja;,” said [partner’s name], [partner’s title or descriptor]. “Xjoojl upafuap adfpao adfpuaodfu xcoupz aduaspz. The end of my quote.”


Xroauuaj; sofda adfad reaw wea. Thpi asdfa af;jxl;aquf. Last paragraph for any last-second information and secondary news links or material: or final zingers. TKl;j C:JOUOJ adfadfadf aafadf asfadfa ajaldja. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. Df;afs ajfda fafafadsfa sdfasd ewtx.




[Organization name] Mission statement or relevant organizational information. Asdlfkaj;f afdj afdafdadfasd asdfadfafd. #socialmedia

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