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Middle Fork Announces Campaign to Hold Legislators Accountable


April 6, 2023

Media Contact:

Brandon DeMars,

Middle Fork Announces Campaign to Hold Legislators Accountable

Ad campaign will highlight threats to Montanans’ rights and the state constitution, encourage citizens to contact their representatives

(Helena, Mont.) – Today Middle Fork Strategies announced the launch of a new ad campaign to hold members of the Montana Legislature accountable and engage fellow Montanans on threats to constitutional rights in the state. This follows the March release of a public opinion poll that found a number of high-profile legislative efforts—including numerous constitutional amendments, attempts to restrict abortion rights, and bills to give public tax dollars to private schools—to be deeply unpopular among Montanans.

The ad campaign comes as the 2023 Montana legislative session enters its final stretch and considers numerous bills that would propose amendments to the constitution or undermine the rights enshrined in it.

Among the dozens of threats to constitutional rights pushed in the legislature this session are:

  • Senate Bill 154, a bill to redefine the right to privacy in the Montana Constitution, specifically with the intent of subverting Montana Supreme Court precedent that protects access to abortion

  • House Bill 915, a constitutional amendment to take away Montanans’ right to vote for Supreme Court justices, instead giving the Governor the ability to appoint them

  • Multiple bills, like HB562 and HB549, to allow tax dollars to be taken from public education, and instead be given to private, for-profit schools, undermining Montanans’ constitutional right to quality public education

“The Montana Legislature has a responsibility to stand up for the rights and freedoms of all Montanans. But we’ve seen dozens of extreme constitutional amendments and bills this year that would do just the opposite,” said Brandon DeMars, Middle Fork’s executive director. “We want to make sure Montanans know about these threats to their constitutional rights, and encourage folks to contact their elected representatives.”

In the coming weeks, Middle Fork will communicate with Montanans online and at the mailbox to inform them of threats to their rights and freedoms, and of how they can contact their representatives to make their voices heard.


Middle Fork Strategies is a multi-issue advocacy and research organization based in Montana. Middle Fork’s goals are to hold accountable those in power and work with like-minded advocacy groups on policies and issues that impact Montana.

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