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Middle Fork Strategies Announces Launch, Upcoming Poll


February 27, 2023

Media Contact:

Brandon DeMars,

Nick Lockridge,

Middle Fork Strategies Announces Launch, Upcoming Poll

New Montana-based nonprofit will hold public officials accountable, partner with other organizations to inform and educate Montanans on current issues and policies

(Helena, Mont.) – Today Middle Fork Strategies, a new multi-issue advocacy organization based in Montana, announced its launch as a 501(c)(4) with the goals of holding accountable those in power and working with like-minded groups on policies and issues that impact Montana. Middle Fork will work toward a Montana where constitutional rights and freedoms are protected, and where everyone has access to quality education, good-paying jobs, and affordable housing.

“We’re excited to launch Middle Fork as a way to bring attention to critical issues in our state and amplify the voices of Montanans impacted by them,” said Brandon DeMars, Executive Director of Middle Fork Strategies. “From the need for action on out-of-control housing prices to assaults on public education and the right to privacy, we plan to hold those in power accountable and draw attention to irresponsible leadership.”

Middle Fork Strategies will engage in public opinion polling, calling state leaders' attention to the needs and expectations of Montana citizens. In the coming days the organization will release results from the first such poll, outlining Montanans’ views on a number of key issues and on the actions and priorities of elected leaders in Helena.

“At a time when many are struggling with affordable housing and the cost of living, it’s shocking to Montanans that so many of our elected leaders in Helena have such out-of-touch priorities,” DeMars said. “Montanans want those in our state government to look out for working families and defend our freedoms. Instead we see many of them pushing tax cuts for the wealthiest Montanans and recklessly trying to amend the state’s constitution to restrict our rights and freedoms.”


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